Honey Garlic
Honey Garlic
Honey Garlic
Honey Garlic
16 fl oz
Sweet & Spicy

Honey Garlic

$ 18.95 USD
Our sauces are meticulously crafted to order, ensuring each batch is freshly made just for you. They boast a shelf life ranging from 8 months to a full year, maintaining their exquisite flavors and quality over time.


Our Honey Garlic Sauce is a symphony of flavors, masterfully combining the rich sweetness of honey with a subtle hint of garlic to create a rich taste experience. This combination creates a smooth, velvety texture that perfectly coats and complements a wide range of dishes.

Ideal for glazing, dipping, or as a marinade, our honey garlic sauce promises to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary dining experiences with its unique and delightful flavor profile.

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