What types of events do you cater with your pop-up service?

We can attend anywhere that is possible. Typically, we visit local breweries, birthday parties, work events, baby showers, family events, etc.

Can you accommodate special dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, vegan, or halal options?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate special dietary restrictions.

can i book a POP-UP FOR A private event?

Yes, please contact us at www.wingsbymezzo.com/catering to book a date with us.

What are the pricing options for different sizes and types of events?

We handle each even separately since each event is a little bit different. Please submit a request for pricing options tailored to your needs.

how can I find out about events AND POP-UPS FOR WINGS BY MEZZO?

All our pop-up events are advertised on our social media pages @WingsbyMezzo and our website. Be sure to friend us on Instagram to follow our journey.

How much advance notice do you need for a pop-up catering booking?

Typically, we need 15-30 days in advance to reserve a date depending on the event.


What types of chicken wings do you offer on the menu?

All our chicken wings are locally sourced, free ranged chickens.

Can I choose different sauces or seasonings for my wings?

Yes-we offer one sauce per order.

Are your chicken wings fried or baked?

Our chicken wings are fried.

How many wings are included in a single order?

There are 7 wings per order.

What are your spiciest wing options, and how hot are they?

Honey garlic and Spicy Korean are the spicy options on the menu. The garnishments bring on the heat. Each person has a different pallet, so it is tough to say how hot they are, it is really up to each individual.


How should I store the sauces, and what is their shelf life?

Once you open the bottle, place it in the refrigerator. All sauces have a shelf life of one year, except for the Spicy Korean, that one is 8 months. The expiration date is on each bottle of sauce.

Do you offer any sample packs or smaller sizes for first-time buyers?

We have one size available for purchase.

How do you ensure the quality and consistency of each batch of your bottled sauces?

Each bottle is made fresh upon ordering using the same recipes for each flavor.